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  CFA Breeder Code of Ethics

Passed, by resolution, at the Cat Fanciers' Association Annual Meeting, June 2000; ratified by the CFA Board of Directors, October 7, 2000.


As a breeder who uses the services of the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats, I understand I have certain responsibilities to pedigreed cats and to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).

I am aware that I am representative of CFA breeders in my community. I will breed my cats with the intent of improving the breed and to produce healthy, happly kittens. I will deal honestly with the purchasers of my kittens and cats. To the best of my knowledge and ability I will not, without prior disclosure, sell any kitten/cat that is sick or has been exposed to an infectious disease. I will not sell or place kittens prior to their attaining a proper level of immunity against common infectious diseases.

I will strive to house my cats in a manner exceeding the CFA Minimum Cattery Standard. I will ensure my cats are kept in a healthy environment and I will ensure they receive the proper veterinary care as needed.

I will maintain appropriate cattery records and will correctly register litters and cats.

I will work honestly with my fellow breeders and provide timely and correct registration information to those who use my cats for breeding.

I will mentor new breeders to ensure they have a solid information foundation.

I will place cats directly with the new pet owner or in a manner that will enable contact with the ultimate owner to provide on-going education and advice.

Due to the increase of undercover buyers, we reserve the right to randomly spay and neuter any kitten not purchased for an approved breeding program.

There have been quite a few websites that CLAIM to be producing, "pixie", "toy" or "teacup size" Silver & Golden Persians.


Silvers and Goldens have always been smaller than other colors of Persians. An AVERAGE Silver or Golden Persian Female weighs 5-6#, AVERAGE Male weighs between 6-8#.

Those websites are misleading the unsuspecting pet owners into thinking this trait is rare, coveted, or new, and charging them extraordinary prices ($3,000-$6,000) for PET quality cats. They have just marketed them as TEACUP or TOY to justify those extraordinary prices.

Make yourself an educated consumer. Check out these facts with the CFA or talk to a breeder who has been involved in the IMPROVEMENT of the Silver and Golden Persian before you fall for this deception!

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